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Sure, you've used dollies. You've tried lift gates. You've invested in traditional lifts. But, nothing has proven to be your one-stop solution. And just owning and using a pallet stacker helps, but doesn't provide all the answers you need. InnoLift's unique lift loader design provides a tool you can use to lift and transport while on the go. Designed to fit in the back of your delivery vehicle, our four models can go where you need them to go, and be used when you need them. No special modifications needed.

As your business grows, so will your needs for increased heavy lifting and transport. With a pallet stacker, you may solve part of your problem, but many issues still remain. By implementing use of one of InnoLift's lift loaders, you can make the use of jacks and forklifts a thing of the past. Imagine the ease by which you can transport loads while avoiding the drawbacks of a less versatile alternative.

First introduced in Europe, and now rolling out in the United States, our InnoLift lift loaders can replace or complement your pallet stacker. Using light-weight materials, a simple user-interface, and in-cab recharging features, the InnoLift solution will become your go-to lift.

If you've outfitted your delivery truck with a pallet stacker, chances are you've realized the costs associated with installation and maintenance. When you switch to an InnoLift lift loader, you'll see the savings that come from having a tool that can be used on multiple vehicles, without the need for special installation. No more pallet jacks. No more fixed-location lifts. InnoLift is your solution to it all!

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