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If your job includes the use of lifts, you may want to consider the next level of lift technology. If you incorporate some type of pallet stacker to improve your workflow capabilities, then you may want to consider a product from InnoLift USA. With our unique line of lifts, portability and ease of use are in the palm of your hands.

Do you find yourself frustrated by the limitations of your pallet stacker? Do you need something better than simply relying on existing ramps? Consider InnoLift USA's heavy lift solutions. Designed in Europe, and now introduced in the United States, these proven, portable lift systems can give you the freedom and usability you need to replace your swing lifts or pallet jacks.

If you deliver large items, heavy lifting is a familiar term. Chance are, you've used a pallet stacker more than once in your life. You've dealt with carts. You've endured the difficulties of operating dollies. At InnoLift USA, we want to make your job a little bit easier.

First introduced in Europe, and now rolling out in the United States, our InnoLift lift loaders can replace or complement your pallet stacker. Using light-weight materials, a simple user-interface, and in-cab recharging features, the InnoLift solution will become your go-to lift.

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