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If you've outfitted your delivery truck with a pallet stacker, chances are you've realized the costs associated with installation and maintenance. When you switch to an InnoLift lift loader, you'll see the savings that come from having a tool that can be used on multiple vehicles, without the need for special installation. No more carts. No more dollies. InnoLift is your solution to it all!

New to the U.S. market, InnoLift's four models provide an option that fits your needs. The days of using only a pallet stacker are passed. You won't find another product like this on this side of "the pond." One of our models can lift loads up to 1200 lbs., and can eliminate the need for lift gates, traditional lifts, and jacks.

If you have been using a pallet stacker in your everyday line of work, you may want to consider something new. A tool that can take the place of your commonly-used forklifts, pallet jacks, and fixed-location lifts. InnoLift USA introduces a new type of lift loader; one that combines ease-of-use with portability and affordability. With four models to select from, InnoLift has a product that will fit your heavy lifting needs.

Sure, you've used lifts. You've tried ramps. You've invested in swing lifts. But, nothing has proven to be your one-stop solution. And just owning and using a pallet stacker helps, but doesn't provide all the answers you need. InnoLift's unique lift loader design provides a tool you can use to lift and transport while on the go. Designed to fit in the back of your delivery vehicle, our four models can go where you need them to go, and be used when you need them. No special modifications needed.

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